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If you would like to learn more about PU and how it's properties can benefit your medical application please visit our main website: www.foammouldings.co.uk

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Urofoam is a family run business established in 1988, with core products in the educational, play, promotional, footwear and industrial sectors. A wide range of materials and techniques are used giving perhaps the most comprehensive polyurethane mouldings services in Europe.

What we do We specialise in flexible moulded foams, viscoelastic (memory) foams, elastomers, spray coatings and rigid foams. We can offer one-off prototyping & development services as well as bulk production of thousands of units per day.


Production Tooling
CAD development
Bulk Manufacturing
Model Making
Material Selection

" We are a UK manufacturer with expert knowledge in foams used for scientific & occupational health environments "
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