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If you would like to learn more about PU and how it's properties can benefit your medical application please visit our main website: www.foammouldings.co.uk

What is PU?

PU foam is made by mixing 2 liquid components under shear and pouring or injecting them into a mould cavity. The chemical reaction kicks off within seconds and carbon dioxide gas is given off as bubbles. As the polymer is formed the bubbles are trapped in the matrix forming a foam. The constituents can be modified to form foam with many different densities and properties.

Why will it work for my product?

Whether you're designing medical furniture, extremity positioners, shock absorbers or compression devices, our range of flexible foams will be an important addition to your design.

Our foam offers:
Bullet Waterproof capability (see our page on Superskin)
Bullet Firmness for handle components / buffers / stoppers /
     dampers etc
Bullet Softness for cushions / braces / medical supports -
     we can even offer this with a waterproof element
Bullet High resistance to chemicals / cleaning agents means your
     product can now be a multi use item - ideal for modular
     operating tables

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